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Oil seals are widely used in different applications. CHO has been experienced in the development and manufacturing of seals for 30 years. We’ve accredited by IIATF 16949 and ISO 14001 to increase our competitiveness. More than 30,000 types of seals have been manufactured, the products are being widely sold to countries all over the world in the name of CHO.

CHO differentiates itself and other manufacturers by focusing on trucks, trailers and agricultural machinery. As the expert in the design and development of Axle seals, CHO successfully gets access to OEM market to manufacture seals for trucks and trailers for the well-known brand in the world.

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Truck, Trailer And All Types of Automotive & Industrial AXLE Seals Manufacture Since 1988 | CHO

Located in Taiwan since 1988, CHU HUNG OIL SEALS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is an oil seal manufacturer focusing on trucks, trailers, agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles. Main product, including automotive seals, industrial seals, truck seals, trailer seals, agricultural machinery seals, axle seals, hub seals, heavy duty seals, wheel seals, power steering seals, etc.

CHO mainly focused on being a professional manufacturer and tooling development for 15 years since it was established. We're now devoting to the design and development of all types of sealing products for different applications. In addition, customized services are also provided based on customers' requirement

CHO has been offering customers high-quality seals since 1988, both with advanced sealing technology and 35 years of experience, CHO ensures each customer's demands are met.